• Preston Fidler

Wordless Tract in Color

Updated: Jan 24

My wife Jenn created a wordless tract featured in my books in black and white. I mention how color is added to toward the end of the tract to indicate when the child hears, understands, and receives the Good News. Notice this little child reading through the tract - the very tract we ourselves have In our hands - with such exuberance (left). The contents of the message - three gospel passages from the Bible - include a red heart and red cross. the first appearance of color. This is what the child first sees upon opening the tract.

But, it's what happens next that I really love, when everything changes. Color appears on the child's tattered clothes. Though still ragged, they are now bright green and turquoise. The child literally embraces this beautiful message in the form of this little tract and joy fills this precious child's countenance - a face expressing the rare happiness of finding a priceless treasure worth more than life itself, in stark contrast to the weight of poverty under which the child has likely lived. As the child crawls into the box in the alley, Jesus walks down the steps in shimmering gold. As the child dies, Jesus bends down and lifts the child into his arms. The gold colors of his radiance now fill the atmosphere, overtaking the black and white sadness and tragedy that has surrounded the blessed child's life and death.