1000 Cups of Tea: Field Guide by Preston Fidler

1000 Cups of Tea: Field Guide helps language learners get to the heart of gospel fluency across cultures. Use it as a companion to 1000 Cups of Tea: Gospel Fluency Across Cultures, or just read it as a book and field guide to work through the core concepts listed on the home page.


1000 Cups of Tea: Gospel Fluency Across Cultures provides an eloquent and passionate description of how effective and fulfilling ministry can be when it is built on relationships made possible by cultural understanding and fluency in the language of the local people.

Cups of Tea


What Will You Get From These Books?

Preston Fidler points us squarely back to the truth of God's word, reminding us that the glorious gospel that both saved us and compelled us is our greatest motivator and tool. This book is birthed out of years of work with people on the frontlines, helping them with both practical techniques and spiritual encouragement to let the joy of the gospel be the fuel for learning.