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12 Week Language Program


Select one of the following weeks.


These are 12 weeks of lessons designed to provide lots of good input and output practice on many relevant topics and tasks with a language partner. The main idea is to provide learners an opportunity to learn and practice new language in a “secure nest” environment. This should allow for quicker learning and subsequent application to what’s used in real life. The goal is for learners to reach basic conversational fluency [ACTFL Intermediate] when the lessons are combined with learning the grammar and using the language in daily conversations.


These lessons provide learners focused opportunities to learn basic topics and tasks with a language helper, and then use what they learn in daily life situations.



The lessons are divided into six periods of two-weeks each with specific outcomes for each period.  Learners should view these outcomes as 14-day goals to reach. For best results, learners should submit an audio for review demonstrating these outcomes in their personal speech and dialogue. This is a great way to show progress and get helpful feedback.



Weeks 1-2

  • Survival expressions

  • 30 Lessons

  • Recommended: 3 per day

Weeks 3-4

  • Daily situations

  • 30 lessons

  • Recommended: 3 per day

Weeks 5-6

  • Descriptions

  • 30 Lessons

  • Recommended: 3 per day

Weeks 7-12

  • Personal life events

  • Extended event description

  • Simple familiar story narration

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